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H+H Collection-Candles, Pour Room & Eco Shop
Welcome to our Pour Room + Eco Shop! We are opened Thurs-Sat 11am-7pm & Sun 12pm-4pm. Pour Room experience is all about you becoming your very own candle maker, as you explore and select from our vessel & fragrance wall. SELECT + BLEND + STIR
Our wax is on tap ready for you to blend + stir your very own scented candle. As you are waiting for your candle to set up, check out our Eco Shop. This is where you will find eco-friendly products for your home essentials. You will find Kansas local artisans who share the same passion as we do, clean living lifestyle even in our home products. Still waiting for your candle, we highly recommend you explore our Red Brick District with other shops + restaurants in our area.

Motivated from our sons, both who had battled with allergies and our oldest who had suffered with asthma; therefore, we couldn't enjoy the store-bought aromas. After our due diligence of research and testing, the products we offer nontoxic, cruelty-free, no additives, clean burn, phthalate & carcinogen -free fragrance clean scent, all American made candle with an eco-friendly packaging. Our candle jars are minimalist + modern for re-purposeful use as a unique home decor piece. The dried herbs and the botanicals that are infused in our wax melts are grown and harvested locally in Leon area, another way to be resourceful in our State of Kansas. You can find us in 17 stores & counting across Kansas from Hutchinson, Newton, Derby, El Dorado, Leon, Eureka, & Augusta.